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Our Mission
The New York Youth Club (NYYC) is the Boy Scouts and Girl Scouts for kids who would never join the Scouts. They're good kids who, because of their cultural influences require a different "flavor" to appeal to their ethnic palates.
One of the key “building blocks” in developing our youth is fun. To be productive is fun, to work hard and see the fruits-of-your-labor is fun. But it is also fun to run, play, dance, sing, watch movies, play sports, shop, go to concerts, and experience theme parks.
NYYC is a not-for-profit, charitable organization that in it's ten-year history has managed to rescue or contribute to the safeguarding of thousands of teenagers on Long Island. Please take a look at some of our photos.
Annually The New York Youth Club recognizes teens for their merit, scholastic accomplishments & sportsmanship. We never want the teens to forget that first and foremost we are all FAMILY.